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Friday, September 23, 2011

"Legalizing Marijuana is Number One Issue At the White House": I didn't think they cared

The White House is clearly not interested in Decriminalization of Marijuana as far as Decriminalizing it. Just one issue that I disagree with them on but there are plenty of people who are in the country who are interested in it. Which is why we are now seeing measures on ballots in States to Decriminalize Marijuana. California being one in 2010 and Colorado will be at least one in 2012. Now the question will be will the Obama Administration if they were to get reelected. And thats a big if at this point, would not get in the way of Colorado and not force anti Marijuana Laws in that State. I doubt it they don't seem to be a big believer in States Rights and Federalism, letting States pass and enforce their own laws. As long as they comply with the US Constitution, I hope they would stay out of the way of Colorado. And let them mange their own laws and enforce their own Drug Policy's.

As we've seen in Immigration Reform in both Arizona and now Alabama as well. Which is a big disappointment to me because Barack Obama is clearly a very intelligent man with a great legal background. Along with Attorney General Eric Holder and they must be able to see that our War on Drugs. Is not working and has failed and that its time we try something else. And Decriminalization of Marijuana would be a way to reform our Drug Policy's, letting people decide for themselves whether to use a drug. Thats about as dangerous as alcohol, instead of arresting people for smoking or possessing pot. Decriminalization of Marijuana is a Bi Partisan issue with Bi Partisan support. With Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Barney Frank one of the oddest of odd couples having a bill together to do this.

The lessons that we learned from Alcohol Prohibition of the 1920s and 30s, can be applied to Marijuana Prohibition from 1937 up till today. That if people want to do or use something bad enough, they'll find a way to do it whether its legal or not. People have been smoking marijuana since 1937 and a lot of them have never been to prison for it. People who are smart with pot and don't get addicted to it, similar to Alcohol Prohibition. People still drank and Organized Crime made a lot of money off if alcohol by producing and selling it. Tax Free by the way, because they obviously weren't going to report those activities to government. So if we were smart we would Decriminalize Marijuana and treat it like alcohol. And regulate and tax it like alcohol to make it as safe s possible.

Decriminalization of Marijuana is clearly not the biggest issue that President Obama is facing today. But its important enough because with our failed forty year War on Drugs. That they at least look at their Drug Policy's and if anything step back and let the States try some different things here. And see what happens from them.

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