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Monday, September 19, 2011

John Stossel: Stupid in America: The State of the Public Education System

Are we stupid in America as a country, of course not we wouldn't be as developed as a nation if we were. With the largest economy in the World, with a military not only capable of defending ourselves. Very well but also other Developed Nations but do we have stupid people, sure show me a country that doesn't. I prefer to call them uneducated or ignorant the reasons why we have bigots and even violent bigots. Because they are either crazy or simply don't know any better. Do we have stupid policy's, of course in government and the Private Sector, education being a perfect example of that. To give you a couple of examples, we reward educators for their Time of Service not Quality of Service. And once they've served a certain amount time, its almost impossible to fire them, which is called Teacher Tenure. And them we wonder or some of us may wonder. Why we are 39th in the World in education, even though we have the largest economy. Because our educators know that they don't have to do the best job they can in order to keep it. Or get a raise, all they have to do is serve a certain amount of time. Where all other professions the employees are judged by the job that they do, not by how long they've been doing their job. This has to get to our Teacher Unions, who's number one job is to give their members who pay for their service. The best compensation and benefits possible, which they do a great job of. They are not in the business to make our Public Education System the best it can be. Thats suppose to be the job of our Public Officials. But if they get a lot of contributions from Teacher Unions, that makes their job very hard, because they know who pays for their campaigns.

If we don't educate our students, we are not going to be able to produce enough workers in the future that we need. Working High Skilled jobs and making good livings, making our economy as strong as it can be. And being ranked 39th in the World in education is not educating your students well enough. And we are going to have to continue importing High Skilled workers from other countries and in some cases Developing Countries. Like China and India as well as exporting those jobs over there to countries that have the High Skilled workers to work these jobs. Which means we have to treat our Education Profession which is one of our top five most important professions. Because without it, people wouldn't be able to get the education they need in order to get a good job. So we need to treat this critical profession as important as it is. Good workers are rewarded for the work, bad workers are retrained or removed and our customers meaning the students and parents. Get a choice in where they consume this service.

We don't as a country treat our Education System as important as it is, we allow Low Performing educators stay in the system. As well as Low Performing schools stay in the system, some students are forced to go to bad schools. Because of where they live and then or some of us wonder. Why we are 39th in the World in education.

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