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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iran due to inaugurate first nuclear power plant: What does this mean

Iran opening a Nuclear Plant, there's probably not much that the United States, Israel or the European Union. All countries that of course doesn't want to see the Islamic Republic obtain Nuclear Weapons can do to stop them. It wouldn't be responsible to bomb a Nuclear Plant in a Foreign Country, just because its a Nuclear Plant. You would cause a lot of damage killing a lot of innocent people. Now if you know that they have Nuclear Weapons in it and that information is clear with other countries understanding that. Then that would be a different story but hopefully Iran is actually building Nuclear Power for their economy and not for Nuclear Weapons. But with how badly they've managed their economy the last thirty years, its easy to be skeptical. Because this is a country thats also deep in Natural Resources, oil as well as Natural Gas. They also have a Middle Class an a Educated Class. Iranians generally well educated but this is a very large country of 75M people. Thats still a Developed Country with High Unemployment and Poverty.

Iran is still a Developed Country that if anything has taken steps backwards since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. With high Poverty Rate and High Unemployment with an Educated Workforce. And a lot has to do with the fact that the Islamic Republic spends a lot of their vast resources. Sponsoring terrorists who support their cause and would like to establish other Islamic Theocracy's in the Middle East. Iran has made it clear that they want to the Superpower of the Middle East, just not economically apparently. By the way they've managed their economy, the way their government is set up, how they treat their Democratic Opposition. That has the education to lead this large country and get their economy going again. By essentially freeing its people to run their economy and put their vast Natural Resources to work for the country and not just for the regime. And to free the people of Iran to live their own lives and put the skills that they obtain to use to benefit the country.

Iran is way too big to invade and occupy, especially by one country but even for a International Coalition. Iran is three Iraq's both physically and in population. So and invasion and occupation of Iran is almost completely off the table especially for the United States. But letting them obtain Nuclear Weapons can't be an option either. Whether they get them in the end or not and they may very well get them in the end. They'll probably get the technology for them and since its such a large country will probably be able to hide them pretty effectively. But what the Arab League, perhaps Pakistan and India as well, as well as the European Union and United States can do. Is to support the Democratic Opposition in Iran, financially and in with other resources. And perhaps through a coalition of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, maybe even Pakistan and India as well. Take out any Nuclear Weapons that Iran successfully obtains if they are successful. After other peaceful options are exhausted, through the air. Destroy Iran's Nuclear Weapons through the air if they obtain them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran now has a Nuclear Plant and hopefully thats to benefit their economy and people. And perhaps to a small extent it is, but the International Community. Can't allow the Islamic Republic to obtain Nuclear Weapons especially to fund their terrorists allies.

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