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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EU food row could spark poverty crisis: There's Poverty everywhere

Here's more evidence that America is not the only Developed Nation in the World, that Europe as well as Japan and Korea have poverty as well. Its not just a Liberal Democracy like the United States that has struggled with poverty but these Socialist Democracy's in Europe has poverty of their own. And that even Socialist Democracy's have poverty as well that they have to deal with and of course if people have more freedom. Like people do in America as it relates to Economic Freedom, of course there's a chance that they'll make mistakes with their own lives. Not getting educated enough, having kids too soon before they are emotionally and financially ready to care for them. Or make bad investments with their money, all things that can to lead to poverty. But at least their making mistakes with their own lives, instead of government making mistakes with their lives. Which can happen in a Socialist Democracy where the government has more authority and more control over its people as it relates to the economy.

All these countries in Europe have Universal Health Care, Education, Pension, Transportation, Housing etc. And yet they have people living in poverty, urban and rural, they have homeless people. Chance are some of the people in this video getting this Food Assistance are also homeless. Europeans immigrated from Europe obviously to America to the point. That 7-10 americans are of European Descent. Not the other way around because they wanted their freedom and a chance to make it in the World with Economic Opportunity. And the freedom to chart their own course in life and by the way. Europeans are still immigrating to America today, obviously not as much as hundred years ago. With the jews, irish, italians, poles etc but they are still coming.

America has proven as a country that if you give people a good education, raise them properly and let them get themselves get a good job. And you properly regulate the economy and everyone is paying their fair share in taxes. That americans can chart their own course in life and make it on their own. Thats what Economic Freedom and American Capitalism is all about, not Cowboy Capitalism that we've seen the last ten years. This is how americans built the largest economy in the World as well as the most powerful military. What we've failed to do at least so far, is find a way where most is not all americans can benefit from American Capitalism. Which is why we have such a high Poverty Rate for a Developed Nation. And thats a big challenge for America in the 21st Century.

So the two competing versions of democracy in the World, are Liberal Democracy from the United States. And Socialist Democracy in the European Union, me I prefer Liberal Democracy. Because even though we've made plenty of mistakes as a country, at least we are able to make these mistakes with our own lives.

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