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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bill Moyers Journal: Hunger in America: What we can do about this issue

Hunger or Food Insecurity which I guess would be the new popular term for people who don't have enough food to eat. Because they can't afford to buy enough food. Would be what I would call Level Three in poverty and have I four levels, homeless being the worst and Level Four. Food Insecurity being Level Three, unemployed and Low Skilled with kids being Level Two and employed. Perhaps Full Time and maybe another job on the side, as well as collecting Food Assistance being Level One. Level One of poverty being the best if you want to call it that. Because these people are workers and have Work Experience and perhaps a lot of it. And perhaps they just need to further their education or receive additional Job Training at work. In order to get a good job and move out of poverty. But a problem with Food Insecurity, is that effects all levels of poverty. If you can't even afford to have a place to live, you probably can't afford enough food as well. And of course if your Food Insecure, you don't have enough food to eat. If your on Public Assistance like Welfare Insurance, your probably collecting Food Assistance as well. And obviously can't afford enough food to eat on your own. And if your a Low Income Low Skilled Worker, maybe you can afford enough food to eat or not. Maybe your not collecting Public Food Assistance but your eating at Church and other Community Activities. And perhaps you collect food from Food Banks as well and with the "Great Recession", if anything Food Insecurity. Has become a bigger problem in America and people that used to be Middle Class or Upper Middle Class Workers. And are well educated, have now slipped into poverty and have lost their homes. And are collecting Food Assistance because they've been unemployed for so long.

I have some ideas in how to solve this problem that gets to Temporary Food Assistance for these people. As well as helping them further their education Job Training so hungry people no longer need this assistance . But ideas aren't in the New Deal or Great Society area, I'm not a Democratic Socialist. And I don't think in Welfare State terms to solve these problems but I do consider myself a progressive and would like to see some progress here. My ideas have to do with creating a National System of Food Centers, at least Semi Private in the short term. That wouldn't be run by the Federal Government as well as Non Profit, where each State would have their own Food Assistance System. That again is not run by government, at least Semi Private and Non Profit with like a National Headquarters. But each State would have their own system and these Food Centers would be a combination of Grocery Stores and like cafeteria's. With Discounted Food, with mostly healthy food, that people who are eligible for them. Could buy their grocery's, eat their meals, spend their money and use their Food Assistance to help pay for their food. And where individuals and organizations would be eligible to donate their extra food and other food. To a Food Center that would be located in areas with High Food Insecurity.

As we would set up a Food Assistance System like this, we as a country need to do more for people in poverty. So they can get better skills and a better education, so they can get better jobs. And be able to move off of Public Assistance and into the Middle Class and to Self Sufficiency. So they no longer have to collect from these programs which would make them easier to run.

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