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Monday, August 22, 2011

Winning unity next challenge for Libyan rebels: Where to go from here

Now that Moammar Gadhafi is apparently out of power and no longer running Libya and is perhaps more of an Opposition Force to the Transitional National Council in Libya. And its just a matter of capturing Gadhafi and his deputy's which is very important, so they don't reorganize like the Taliban. After the Taliban Regime fell in late 2001 in the Afghan War. But assuming that happens fairly soon, the next step for Libya and the TNC as well as the Libyan People. Is how do they rebuild or just build up Libya as a functioning country with a functioning National Government. And functioning Provincial and Local Governments as well, so the people can be free to live their own lives. Send their kids to school, have a functioning Health Care System, Legal System etc. A National Constitution, Rule of Law, Law and Order all things that any functioning nation need that Libya currently doesn't have. The issues that Libya have unlike Egypt, is that Egypt by in large already had most of these things. And Libya is more like Iraq Post Saddam Hussein where the entire Hussein Regime fell and the United States literally had to install its own Transitional Government there before a new Iraqi Transitional Government could be formed. Libya does have a Transitional National Council, so at least they have something they can build on. But this country needs a National Constitution that the Libyan People should have to approve. They are going to have to rebuild their Law Enforcement, their military, an interim President or Prime Minister or both. Before they hold General Elections to elect a new Parliament or Congress as well as President or Prime Minister. They are going to need Transitional Provincial and Local Governments before they hold Provincial and Local Elections. Establish Political Parties to compete for power of the country. A Court System and they may have to bring in some of the former Gadhafi Regime members to help with this transition which could cause problems. They have a lot of work to do but they do have a large Oil Industry that will help in providing the resources to do so but they are going to have to rebuild that as well.

This as I see it is a huge opportunity for Libya obviously to go from an Authoritarian Regime to functioning country that respects Human Rights. If democracy all together but its also a huge opportunity as well for the Arab League as well. And for them to move past the days of being in the pockets of these Authoritarian Arabian Regimes. And move to a place where perhaps they aren't speaking out in favor of Liberal and Socialist Democracy which I think would be a stretch. But at least get to the point and they've shown some progress in this direction on with Egypt and Syria. Where they are no longer backing Authoritarian Regimes with brutal Human Rights Records and at least speaking out against these regimes. And if anything working to get these regimes thrown out of power and installing governments that at least respect Human Rights. The Arab League could work with Libyan People to move past Moammar Gadhafi and work with them to build a respectful and responsible government there.

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