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Saturday, August 6, 2011

US Government Allowed Drug Cartel To Smuggle Drugs!: More War on Drugs Hypocrisy

Here's another example of the hypocrisy in the American War on Drugs, allowing some narcotics come into America, in exchange for info on other Drug Cartels. Fixing one broken leg while your breaking the other and you can add this to the List of Hypocrisy in the War on Drugs. Prohibiting marijuana while allowing alcohol and tobacco, drugs that are just as dangerous if not more dangerous then marijuana. Now I've said this before, I'm not for legalizing marijuana because I think its good for people or I want to use it and not risk going to jail because of that use. But what I'm saying is that if government is going to prohibit and activity, because they think its bad for people and try to protect us from ourselves. And try to make these decisions for us, instead of giving us the Freedom of Choice to decide these things for ourselves. Then they should prohibit all activities where the Cost Benefits are about the same, alcohol and tobacco are excellent examples when talking about marijuana. Otherwise its just hypocritical of government and gives people another reason not to trust them, as if people didn't have enough already. If you want to win the War on Drugs, you can start by being honest with the people your trying to protect and not be hypocritical. And stop having laws and trying to pass new laws that attempts to protect people from themselves and instead just have laws that try to protect innocent people from the harm of others. Because once you pass a law, you still have to enforce it , otherwise its as worthless as Jaywalking Laws. And just because you make something illegal, doesn't mean it goes away, thats why we have jails and prisons rights, all the evidence you need to know that. And enforcing laws comes with a cost whether they are good laws or bad laws. A cost to society, so you might as well just have good honest laws that are designed to protect innocent people from the harm of others. And stop having and passing as Libertarian Economist Milton Friedman called "Bad Laws" laws that are designed to protect people from themselves instead of the harm of others.

This Mexican Drug Cartel case of where the US Government agreed to let narcotics smuggled into America in exchange for intelligence on other Drug Cartels. Is just more evidence of the hypocrisy and stupidity of the War on Drugs and why we need to change and reform it before this war causes more damage on American Society.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about the US Government allowing for smuggling of Mexican Narcotics into America