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Saturday, August 27, 2011

UN mission: 'urgent need to protect Syrian civilians': The need to take down the Assad Regime

With the fall of the Gadhafi Regime in Libya, I believe its now time to put the international focus on Syria and the Assad Regime there. To try to force President Bashir Assad to step down from and power and his regime as well. To bring a Transitional Government there while the Syrian People move to rebuild Syrian and rewrite their National Constitution and form a new government there. Especially because of the brutal crackdowns there, that Assad Security Forces have put the Syrian Opposition through just because they are fighting for their liberation there. I don't believe the United Nations, European Union, United States and the Arab League should step aside and watch this brutal Authoritarian Regime of President Assad. Murder his own people because they are fighting for freedom and to end the fifty year reign of the Assad Regime. From Father Assad to his son Bashir Assad and to try to establish some type of peaceful respectful government there that would respect Human Rights. I'm not making this argument as a Neoconservative because I'm not, I'm a Liberal Democrat who believes in Liberal Internationalism. And that means working with our allies to deal with the issues of the World, like governments murdering their own people because they want freedom for example. Syria is not a country that America can invade and occupy on its own, Syria is a pretty good size country of 22M people. About the size of Iraq but smaller and America as far as I'm concern is already overcommitted in the World. And not just in Afghanistan and Iraq, but Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea as well. But just because we are overcommitted in the World, doesn't mean we should sit on our hands and watch innocent people. Be murdered by their own governments, we are still the strongest Leader in the World. That needs to work with our partners the other Leaders in the World. To deal with these issues when they come up. Along with the United Nations, European Union, Arab League as well.

With Syria clearly being in the Arab League's neighborhood along with Turkey a major ally of America. This is an area where I believe the AL should step up to the plate an play a major role in trying to knock down the Assad Regime. Peacefully or otherwise, hopefully peacefully of course to limit innocent people from being killed. And that might mean that they have their own Defense Force and Foreign Service, similar to NATO thats made up of its own members. That the European Union is trying to build for themselves, that don't have brutal regimes. That can step in to deal with these Authoritarian Regimes as they come up that murders its own people. That could work with Syria and the European Union and the United States to knock these regimes out of power when they go too far. And I believe Syria would be a great opportunity where an International Coalition could step up to knock out the Assad Regime. That where the United States could still play a valuable role. But more from the outside with supplies and resources but where are partners step up and do the work. Like with a No Fly Zone and perhaps even Ground Troops to defend the Syrian Opposition.

I'm for a four step process to taking the Assad Regime out of power in Syria, first with Economic Sanctions in coalition with our partners. Then freezing the assets of the Assad Regime to keep money from the Assad Regime from leaving Syria or going into the Assad Regime. Supplying the Syrian Opposition with resources and supplies so they can play a major role in this operation. And then if necessary a No Fly Zone and Ground Troops over Syria if necessary. In coalition with NATO and the Arab League.

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