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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ron Paul On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: On how to Reform FEMA

Its refreshing to here Rep. Ron Paul honestly talk about reforming FEMA and Disaster Relief in general. But its also refreshing to here Rep. Paul moderate his position on how to reform FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And not be in favor of getting rid of a Emergency Management Agency, without replacing it with anything else. The way we've dealt with Natural Disasters in the past, is essentially wait for a disaster and then borrow the money to pay for the Disaster Relief. When Congress comes back into session in September and the White House most likely sends a bill to them. To borrow money from China or Russia or some other country to pay for it. House Leader Eric Cantor who doesn't make intelligent statements everyday, is right to take the position that Congress shouldn't allow a bill that would borrow the money to pay for this Disaster Relief. To come out of the House at least meaning it wouldn't come out of Congress either. Because the House and Senate have to agree first before any bill can pass Congress. The Democratic Senate will probably borrow the money to pa
y for their Disaster Relief, that the Senate Republican Leadership will probably successfully block. And I know this will start another partisan political fight the victims of Hurricane Irene at stake. So they can get the resources they need to rebuild their communities. And another political fight is probably the last thing americans want to see Washington doing right now but I believe this is a fight worth having. Because we are talking about the health of our economy and getting our fiscal condition back to a place where we can manage it. With a much lower National Debt and Deficit, I'm not saying that we should ignore the victims of Hurricane Irene and do nothing for them. I'm just saying that we should pay for our Disaster Relief now and going into the future and do a better job of how we pay for it by putting money down and up front. And using the money to pay for the Disaster Relief from that fund, the cleanup and insurance.

Reforming our Emergency Management System as well as a Disaster Insurance System I believe is fairly simple. What I would do is to eliminate FEMA but them replace it with cooperative between the Federal Government States and even Private Sector. Where the Federal Government would be more of a regulator of this Emergency Management System as well as the Disaster Insurance System. Then trying to run both of them and they would both be financed by essentially a Property Tax and a Payroll Tax. To fund for the cleanup of disasters and when a disaster happens in a State, then they would be able to use this Property Tax to pay for the cleanup. But then they would hire Private Company's to handle the cleanup. And this Property Tax would be assigned by how much property is worth for owners and renters and how high at risk they are prone to a disaster. Hurricane, earthquake whatever it might be and then their would be a Payroll Tax to pay for the Disaster Insurance. That again the Federal Government would regulate but not run and each State would have their own Disaster Insurance System that they would regulate as well. That the people would be able to select for themselves where to get their Disaster Insurance, including a Public Option for each State. And again this Payroll Tax would be assigned by how much property is worth and how prone they are to disasters.

A PAYGO System like this, paying as you putting money down and collecting it when you need it. To pay for the cleanup of disasters as well to fix and replace property thats harmed from these disasters. Is a much better way to pay for Disaster Relief then to essentially wait for a disaster to hit and then borrowing the money to pay for it. And putting it on the National Credit Card and letting nations that don't have your best interest at heart, own part of our debt.