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Friday, August 26, 2011

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Lou Dobbs: An over confident RNC?

Despite recent polls the problem that the Republican Frontrunners facing President Obama in 2012. Is that they are either too far to the right to win the Presidential Election. Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry being to far to the right of Social Issues for of course democrats, libertarians, socialists and independents. And in Mitt Romney and I'll even throw Ron Paul on this list, too far to the left on Social Issues and Foreign Policy. For the Republican Base to win the Republican Nomination for President right now. As Independent Political Analyst Charlie Cook says and you'll have a hard time finding a Political Analyst that democrats and republican respect more. This is a Presidential Election between Barack Obama against the Republican Party right now. This is a Generic Election, meaning that once the President has an opponent and lets say that his Poll Numbers are about the same as they are now. The Poll Numbers will change because the Republican Party can't run the party against the President, they have to find one candidate to do that, which they don't have yet. And of course its still August 2011, hopefully for them they'll have decided on a Presidential Nominee by Spring 2012. As I've said before the best thing that the President has going for him right now. Is his competition or as I would put it lack of competition. Because the Republican Party has yet to establish someone who can both win their Presidential Nomination and beat the President in the General Election. Because they have frontrunners who are way too far to the right on Social Issues. Like Constitutional Amendments to outlaw abortion, Gay Marriage, pornography just to use as examples. Both Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann support these amendments, that doesn't play well with Independent Voters to tend to be liberal to libertarian on Social Issues. Who also tend to decide these Presidential Elections, so winning the vote of the Christian Right won't be enough for a republican to get elected President of the United States. And then their are the frontrunners who are too liberal to libertarian of Social Issues to win the Republican Nomination for President, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

The best shot that the Republican Party has of winning back the White House in 2012 as far as I'm concern. And remember I'm a Liberal Democrat, so I doubt any republicans are looking at me for Political Advice right now. Is to nominate Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, John Huntsman or Gary Johnson either. All four candidate with liberal to libertarian leanings on Social Issues and forget about the Social Issues for this election or call a truce on them. As Republican Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana suggested, because all four of these candidates play well with Independent Voters and the Republican Party on Economic Policy and Foreign Policy. And make a decision are they trying to win back the White House and Congress in 2012 with a nominee who can give that to them. Or are they going to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. And see President Obama get reelected with another Democratic Congress.

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