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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rick Perry A Believer In States' Rights Except For Gay Marriage & Abortion: Not a Constitutional Conservative

If I ever here Rick Perry say he's a "Constitutional Conservative", I'll run down the Washington Beltway Buck Naked. He believes in the US Constitution as long as it agree with his politics. If Montana, North Carolina, Arizona, pass laws he agrees with. He loves the Constitution, but if Massachusetts or Vermont passes Gay Marriage, then the Federal Government according to GOV Perry needs to step in and stop that. Like with a Constitutional Amendment, if California were to pass a proposition to Legalize Gay Marriage or marijuana which they got close to doing in 2010. Then of course the Federal Government according to GOV Perry needs to step in and stop that as well. Because those things don't go along with his politics. There's nothing conservative about restricting Individual Freedom, Political Conservatism is about conserving Individual Freedom and not just Economic Freedom. And Constitutional Conservatism is about protecting the US Constitution not trying to mess with it. There's nothing conservative about passing laws or Constitutional Amendments to restrict Constitutional Rights, thats authoritarian. Something Neoconservatives or theocrats not Constitutional Conservatives who are Classical Conservatives are interested in doing. Which is exactly what GOV Rick Perry wants to do, pass Constitutional Amendments to deny homosexuals the ability to marry and to limit choice in Health Care for women. By passing a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw abortion in America. Maybe next GOV Perry will come out in favor of Constitutional Amendment to Outlaw Pornography in America. Something of course Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann two other Presidential Candidates have already done. And then maybe next if California or another State were to Decriminalize Marijuana, something California again came close to in 2010. You'll see another Constitutional Amendment to outlaw that as well. Or if a State were to outlaw the Death Penalty, maybe another Constitutional Amendment forcing States to have the Death Penalty.

Neoconservatives and theocrats like Individual Freedom and Liberal Democracy as long as individuals are living their lives the way they want them to live it. Even if they aren't hurting anyone else in how they are living their lives. And thats very different from Classical Conservatism and Constitutional Conservatism. Which are both based on the US Constitution and Individual Freedom and government living under the Constitution. Constitutional Conservatism and Classical Conservatism aren't based on passing laws and especially Constitutional Amendments just to ban certain actions. Because it offends certain people, like Gay Marriage to use as an example, even if these actions don't hurt anyone else involved.

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