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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rebels close in on Gaddafi's Tripoli stronghold: Time to get out of Libya?

I supported America's role on the NATO No Fly Zone in Libya back in March when we first became part of it under the War Powers Act. But my problem with this operation since is how President Obama has interpreted the War Power Act. Using the WPA as justification to get involved in Libya but not living up to the WPA as far as reporting to Congress within ninety days after our involvement. Which is why I haven't supported basically any involvement in Syria or the Gulf States because I don't trust the Obama Administration at this point in how they would handle potential American Military Operations there. Because I believe they've basically taken this position that we have the authority to send American Troops oversees on our own and even if we don't. Who's going to stop us and the hell with Congress and everybody else involved, just send us the money to fund these operations. Their current position of the WPA looks very similar to the George W Bush Administration on National Security, it looks very Neoconservative and not why Barack Obama was elected President. So with the Libyan Rebels starting to make real progress in Libya now and hopefully about to knock Moammar Quadaffi out of power. The time is very close for the United States to pull out of Libya and let NATO take complete control there with the help of the Arab League. And bring our planes home from Libya and start to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq as well. The fact that we've been involved in Afghanistan our longest war ever for coming up on ten years in October. Iraq for eight years and now Libya since March and with Iran pursuing Nuclear Weapons without us having much if any ability to do anything about it. The fact that we have the largest Defense Budget in the World by far, second place is not even close with our Defense Budget being around 700B$ a year. And of course our 14T$ National Debt with 20% of that coming from our Defense Budget. Is more then enough evidence that we can't be the Sole Policemen of the World and need more partners.

What we should be doing instead as of right now and into the future is work with our allies to build up Regional Alliances to handle situations like this in the future. So when a Murderous Dictator like a Moammar Quadaffi or a Bashir Assad decides to murder his own people in the future. Because they decide that they don't like their government and want the freedom to live their own lives. A alliance like this like the Arab League in Arabia or the African Union in Africa to use as examples. Can step and knock these Authoritarian Regimes down or at least hold them down, while rebels fight for their freedom. Like what is going in Libya right now but instead of this No Fly Zone being an Arab League operation, its a NATO operation instead because the AL isn't equipped to do something like this right now. Which is a big problem and why we are there right now.

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