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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libya puts the European Union to the test: How the EU can help Libya

With the United States facing a National Debt of 14T$ and a Budget Deficit of 1.8T$ and with a weak economy. With very little Economic or Job Growth, where we are already over committed in the World. Especially since we are defending Developed Nations in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. The last thing we should do right now is have more American Troops on the ground in another country, especially another Middle Eastern country. We need to step back and play a major role from the outside with things like Foreign Aide and helping them form their own National Government. But don't do it for them but Libya is an example of where the European Union which is just a short swim away from Libya, not literally in case your thinking on swimming from Italy to Libya or something. But very close, here's an example of where the European Union could play a major constructive role in their backyard. In areas like helping Libya developed its new military, Law Enforcement, developing their Provincial Governments. With their troops as well as Foreign Aide and having Trade Agreements with Libya which is something the United States should do as well. This is an opportunity where the EU can step up of show some influence in the World and not just in Europe and be a real player and partner on the World Stage. By helping Libya close this ugly forty two year chapter in their history of the Gadhafi Regime. And move to form a responsible government that respects its people and respects Human Rights. This is also an area where the Arab League can step up and play a major constructive role as well, especially Egypt to help secure the new Libya as they work to build their new government and country. With troops and other resources as well, Libya is a very large country about the size of Iran physically with thirty two Provinces. And will need additional Armed Forces to defend this large country especially as the Libyan Rebels and NATO beat down a lot of the Gadhafi Military. And they'll need help rebuilding its military.

Libya is an opportunity where the European Union can influence what type of National Constitution and National Government Libya will have going forward. And developing those things and show them what type of governments are in Europe and to influence them in that way as well. Not to try to make them set up their type of government, only Libya can decide that for themselves. But to have a say in what type of government they have through influence. Libya has a long way to go before they'll have a functional government that will be able to defend the country in a responsible way. And will need help in developing that especially since the Gadhafi Regime did almost nothing to develop its own Governmental Institutions. The European Union and Arab League could help play a vital role here while the United States steps back instead of trying to be the Sole Policemen of the World.

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