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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Infrastructure Spending on the Back of Irene: Why not

When is there a better time for Infrastructure Investment in America when the economy is tanking and when we just had a earthquake and hurricane. When is there a better time for government to try to create and atmosphere for Economic and Job Growth? As much as the Republican House and their allies have posed the question "wheres the jobs? They haven't proposed anything to create jobs if not more, their Economic Strategy is a Political Strategy. Sit out and wait for the next Administration and Congress and hope of course that they are both republican. Meaning the worse off the economy is, the better chances for them to get more power if not the whole Federal Government in 2012. Thats their calculation and they are purely looking at this from a political perspective, they figure don't work with the President and Democratic Senate. Wait to they have all the power and then maybe get around to addressing the economy. So what the President should be doing is being as bold as possible. Come out with a Jobs Plan thats big enough to address our Economic Issues right now. And dare the House to block him, because then he would at least have a target to shoot at. He can tell americans across the country I'm doing all I can to help improve the economy. But I only run the Executive Branch and I need 1/2 of the Legislative Branch to work with me to pass a plan to do that. If the House GOP wants more Tax Cuts fine, put it on the table or pass them and we can talk. Here's your plan, here's mine and lets see what we can work out. And if which is mostly likely House Speaker Boehner says no, then he has someone he can take to the people and say. We are doing everything that we can on our own but the House isn't cooperating with now and they are 1/2 of Congress and we need them to work with us to pass something. Can you help me out by calling your Rep. and Sen. and tell them you want Congress to pass a Jobs Plan.

Infrastructure would be a great way to do this not the only way but definitely a solution. The Core of Engineers has said we need 200-500B$ of Infrastructure Repairs and Construction in America. The East Coast Earthquake of last week and then Hurricane Irene of last weekend probably only adds to that. So lets put people back to work, especially people who are unemployed right now in the Construction Industry. By repairing our roads, bridges, dams, airports etc. Lets spend in that neighborhood to do that and lets not also not add to our debt or deficit. Lets pass a National Infrastructure Bank that would be Self Financed to pay for these projects. It would be paid for through Private Sector Investment after the NIB prioritizes our Infrastructure Projects. And then hire Private Company's to do the work. This is what President Obama should be offering to the country right now and the hell with Congressional Republicans.

The President of the United States can't pass legislation on his own, the best he can do is pass Executive Orders. That can be overturned by Congress by the House and Senate voting them down together. The House GOP Leadership doesn't want to pass anything that can become law right now. And I think the President knows this, which is why he should take his own plan to the country and see if they can help him out.

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