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Thursday, August 18, 2011

GET INFO ABOUT MARIJUANA!: Regulation instead of Prohibition

You take politics out of the Marijuana Debate and politicians not worried about looking "soft on crime" or "soft on the War on Drugs". Then marijuana would already be legal in America, same thing with alcohol in the 1920s and 30s. Take politicians out of that debate and we don't have Alcohol Prohibition either back then. Marijuana Prohibition is about Big Government trying to control how people live their own lives, trying to protect people from themselves. Marijuana Decriminalization is about regulation, making something that government already knows a lot of its people use, as safe as possible. Just the way alcohol and tobacco are regulated in America and that system by in large has worked very well in America. I'm not arguing that marijuana is healthy for people and that everyone should be using it and I wouldn't make the same argument for alcohol and tobacco either. I'm just saying that if you know people are going to do something that is very similar to other things that are already legal like alcohol and tobacco. You might as well take a realistic and practical approach to marijuana and decriminalize it at least at the Federal Level. And let the States figure out where to go with marijuana from there, just as they regulate alcohol, tobacco and marriage today. If your anti Big Government and don't want government controlling how you live your own life, as long as you are not hurting innocent people. Then you have no problem with Marijuana Decriminalization and then regulating and taxing it. If you believe 2M people is too many people to have in prison and the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of people in prison. Just for possession or use of narcotics, then you don't have a problem with Marijuana Decriminalization. And again regulating and taxing it, treating it like alcohol and tobacco to prevent people from driving or flying to use as examples while they are high. Again to make it as safe as possible because marijuana like alcohol and tobacco have negative side effects.

Lets Decriminalize Marijuana, lets stop arresting people for simple use or possession of it, lets pardon our Prison Inmates who are in prison for Marijuana Possession or use who haven't committed any other crimes while in prison. Lets transfer our Prison Inmates who are in prison for possessing or using other narcotics and haven't committed any other crimes while in prison. To Drug Rehab Clinics and Halfway Houses where they can get the help that they need with their addiction and turn their lives around. Because they don't represent a threat to anyone else other then themselves. Lets save our limited prison space for the people who need to be in prison who do represent a major threat to society. And lets end the failed forty year War on Drugs where we've spent trillions of Tax Revenue trying to control how people live their own lives, instead of how they interact with each other. And let Free People in a Free Society live their own lives instead of trying to control our population.

If you know someone is going to do something and you can't stop them from doing it and all you can do is to react to what they did after the fact. And they are not hurting anyone else with their actions, you might as well give them as much info as possible about what they are doing. Instead of trying to stop them all together, so they can make the most informed decisions as possible. Marijuana Prohibition to me is sorta like Sex Prohibition for adolescents, is just as ineffective.

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