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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gaddafi's deadly weapons arsenal: Libya is going to need longer term protection prompts US concern

Libya in the short and long term is going to need protection and the transition from the Authoritarian Dictatorship of Moammar Gadafi. To a Transitional Government, to a permanent National Government that can defend itself and respects Human Rights. But at this point the Libyan Transitional National Council isn't capable of defending and governing this very large country on their own. Their going to need short term protection as they rebuild their military and National Law Enforcement or Interior Department. That America calls Homeland Security but again the Libyan TNC won't be able to do this on their own and this is where NATO, the European Union, Arab League, United Nations and the United States to a smaller extent will have to play a major role. In order for Libya to be able to make successful transition from the Gadafi Regime to a more stable government. Libya is going to need Foreign Troops to help defend and secure the country, the Libyan Rebels can play a role in this. As well as be part of the new Libyan Military and Law Enforcement but they are going to need reinforces to protect the country. But to also rebuild its military to retrain the military and rebuild its Law Enforcement. As well as find the Gadhafi Weapons of Mass Destruction, that apparently the Gadhafi Military had a better supply of. Then the Saddam Hussein Regime when it was kicked out of power back in 2003. I don't believe they'll have to be destroyed like they were in Iraq or what's left of the current Libyan Military will have to be destroyed either. Libya is already going to need more then enough help to secure the country as they transition from Gadhafi to a more respectful government. And dismantling what's left of the current Libyan Military won't accomplish that, which is what was done in Iraq. I believe the fastest and most responsible way for Libya to rebuild its Military and Security Forces, to build on what they already have by bringing ex Gadafi Fighters as well as the Libyan Rebels.

Once Libya is somewhat secure with an International Coalition of NATO the EU, AL, UN perhaps the African Union as well. Then they can move transitioning from the TNC to a permanent National Government. With a National Constitution and having elections in the future, rebuilding the Libyan Oil Industry which will be critical to providing the resources necessary to rebuilding the country. As well as new Trade Agreements with Libya, releasing Frozen Assets to the TNC. Where hopefully they'll make a smooth transition from authoritarianism to democracy that the Libyan People will have to figure how to accomplish this. But before they can accomplish this, they are going to have to secure the country and not just Tripoli but the other cities and the thirty two Provinces that are in this very large country.

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