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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congressional Black Caucus: "Declares War on the Tea Party"

When you look at the American Political Spectrum, from the Far Left, to the socialists to the Far Right with authoritarians and theocrats. By the way both of these Political Factions influence to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Who are suppose to be the "adults in the room" the Leaders of the country. You unfortunately see racists and other bigots and there aren't just racists towards Racial Minorities but they probably get the most of the Media Coverage. But their racists elements on the Far Left and they are generally targeted towards jews and koreans to a certain extent and other asians like in Los Angeles for example as well as caucasians. There are also people on the Far Right and Far Left, who probably aren't racists. At least to the extent they don't hate Racial Groups just because of their race and I'm thinking of Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh on the Far Right. And Rev, Al Sharpton on the Far Left, who use racially charged rhetoric to advance their Political Agenda. As a Liberal Democrat I've generally respected the Congressional Black Caucus over the years, even though its basically the House Black Caucus. They don't have any members in the Senate at least not any more. You might even be able to call it the House Black Democratic Caucus, even though they now have one Republican Member. I believe a Freshmen Representative from Alabama who's also in the Tea Party and I believe a Member of that Caucus as well. And I respect Rep. Emanuel Cleaver who's the current Leader of the CBC but they do have members who I wouldn't describe as racist. But have used racially charged rhetoric to advance their Political Agenda over the years. Rep. Maxine Waters comes to mind. Basically calling the Tea Party a bunch of "Uncle Tom Racists" who hate Minority Groups. Because they hate their Political Agenda and perhaps aren't sure how to confront it and haven't been very successful to this point at doing it. And when all else fails, you always have the Race Card to pull, which will at least get your name in the paper.

There are racists elements of the Tea Party, I'm not disputing that and since part of the Tea Party has merged with the Religious Right in America. They have other Bigoted Groups to go along with them as well like Homophobic Groups. But since racism is about as evil of an action that someone can commit. Only coming short of beating and innocent person up, raping someone or murdering someone. You better be damn right before you call someone a racist or accuse them of racism. Because the more someone cries wolf on racism, the more credibility they lose, because they would be seen as not knowing what they are talking about or lying. The way for the CBC or any other faction of the Democratic Party to combat the Tea Party. Is not through False Accusations of Racism, because this is what these are. I'm sure the overwhelming majority of Tea Partiers are caucasian But so is America up until 2050 or so but the do have members of other Racial Groups as well. As well as in Congress both in the House and Senate, Rep. Allen West of Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio also of Florida as well to name a couple. As well. as that Rep. from Alabama who escapes me as well as others.

Racism as I see it is a sickness, a Sickness of Ignorance that people get when they aren't educated enough or well enough. And they turn to racism because they are afraid of people they don't know. And don't know how to interact with them because they don't have much experience with them. So they turn to racism, so if you accuse someone of it, you better be right or there won't be much incentive to listen to you on the subject.