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Friday, August 5, 2011

Christine O'Donnell: Barack Obama Is "Anti-American": Baby Face to match her IQ

I find it ironic when I here terms like "Anti American" coming from the Far Right, especially from people who believe we have too much freedom as americans. That somehow are country has suffered from "our lack of Moral Values". Or as serial Political Candidate who's never been elected to anything because of how far to the right he is. Said that if he were ever elected to anything and cats flew to the Moon. That the number one thing he would focus on, would be our "Moral Crisis". Passing new laws to make us less freer as a nation, just took at all of the Campaign Pledges that these Far Right groups are trying to make Republican Presidential Candidates try to sign. There's one pledge that would force Republican Candidates come out for a Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay Marriage. Republicans are suppose to be in favor of Federalism and States Rights that most of these decisions especially on Social Issues. The States have traditionally regulated marriage, that has been traditionally a State Issue. There's another Campaign Pledge that of course Michelle Bachmann signed almost before it was ready to be signed. That there would be law that would ban pornography an issue that Federal Courts have ruled to be unconstitutional Anti Porn Laws. The Republican Party is suppose to be a party thats about about Limited Government especially at the Federal Level and believe in Federalism. Yet the Far Right in America who to me are not even conservatives or republicans but authoritarians. They believe that people should be free to live their own lives as long as they aren't doing things that the Far Right disagrees with. Even if these actions don't hurt anyone and that laws should be passed to protect people from the harm of others, not protect people from themselves. Classical Conservatism hasn't left the Republican Party but they don't even have a Classical Conservative running for President right now. Which is an indicator of how less influential Classical Conservatism is in the Republican Party then it was twenty years ago.

Christine O'Donnell is clearly not the spokesperson for the Republican Party or even the Far Right in America which are two good things. Just because of the fact that the Republican Party at least the Leadership didn't want her as their Senate Candidate in 2010. But she does express a lot of the feeling of the Far Right and presents how dangerous their ideas are for America.

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