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Friday, August 19, 2011

CEO Herman Cain vs President Bill Clinton: on Health Care Reform

First of all Herman Cain isn't in Bill Clinton's league even as a CEO, this was a mismatch, if all employers had to pay the same costs for their employees Health Insurance. Then their wouldn't be any unfair advantage from one employer to another in the same industry, as President Clinton laid out. Had President Clinton spent more time explaining his Health Care Reform plan back in 1993-94, as he did here with CEO Herman Cain back in this 1994 Town Hall. Maybe his Health Care plan wouldn't have failed as badly as it did with it not even getting a Final Vote in either the House or Senate. But what President Clinton did instead was try to please every Special Interest Group involved and try to incorporate all of the ideas good and bad from the groups that would be affected by the Health Care plan. Instead of just listening to all of these groups and take the ideas that made sense and could work in one final package. I give President Clinton credit for taking on Health Care Reform, which by 1993-94 when he pushed this goal. There were already around 40M people without Health Insurance and a lot of these people were uninsured because they couldn't afford Health Insurance on their own or couldn't afford their employers Health Insurance plan. And I also give credit to President Clinton credit unlike President Obama, for putting his own Health Care Reform plan on the table and sending it up to Congress. And of course any President or Executive takes a major risk anytime they put their own plan on the table when it comes to dealing with an issue. Because it can get whacked around especially by your opponents who don't want you to succeed at anything. Which I believe is the lesson that President Obama took away from the 1993-94 Health Care Reform debate. But as far as I'm concern thats what Leadership is about, taking a stand on an issue that your addressing and saying this is where I'm coming from. And if you don't like it, show me where I'm wrong and what you would do instead.

President Clinton and I admit I'm a big fan of, I don't believe gets enough credit for being a strong Leader and being poll driven. But Health Care Reform,a long with the 1994 Crime bill that passed, his 1994 Deficit Reduction plan, two Trade Deals in 1993-94. The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. Are all issues where he took strong stances knowing that he was taking a major risk and would get hurt by it. But that is was worth it because he believed it was the right thing to do. And except for the failed Health Care Reform attempt, all of these bills passed Congress that he signed into law. And made a positive contribution to society.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video of Herman Cain debating Bill Clinton on Health Care Reform from 1994