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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barry Lynn Vs. Tony Perkins On Rick Perry Prayer Event: The new Fraud in Chief

The Christian Right in America apparently has felt left out in the Republican Presidential Campaign, with perhaps their only Presidential Candidate being Michelle Bachmann. But I would argue that Rick Santorum would be a candidate they would normally support, because he's with them on all the issues. But for whatever the reasons why they haven't endorsed Sen. Santorum, I believe because they feel he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the Republican Nomination. If you look at where Santorum is in the polls and his fundraising numbers. Mike Huckabee is not running for President and Sarah Palin is not running for President, Herman Cain isn't going in anywhere in the polls. Newt Gingrich at least at one point was loved all over the Republican Base but since running for President, he's done everything to lose that love. Mitt Romney is clearly not with them on Social Issues as much as might try to convince them otherwise, Romney is a Northeastern Republican and a moderate to liberal on most Social Issues. And for whatever the reasons, the Christian Right isn't sold enough on Tim Pawlenty yet either. So the Christian Right which almost always has at least one Republican Presidential Candidate they can rely on. And in 2000 and 2004 they had the frontrunner in George W Bush, but in 2011-12 they feel left out. And even though Texas Governor Rick Perry might have a sack of bricks for a brain. He's at least politically smart enough to see this and sees this has his opportunity to break in the Republican Field and be the Conservative Christian Candidate for President. He's Governor of a large Southern State in the Heart of the Bible Belt and is religiously qualified at least in their minds to be President. So he's thinking what the hell essentially I can get into this race and win it with the support of the Christian Right behind me. A faction of the party that no Republican for President can win the White House without. And his strategy is to make his Christianity as public as possible and push the line that separates Church and State as much as he can politically get away with it.

Rick Perry is just another schmuck politician who thinks they can be President of the United States because they are Governor of a large State. Because he feel he can appeal to the base of his party to make that happen for him. Even though he's less qualified to be President of the United States then the last Texan Governor who became President. And look how well that worked out for us, Rick Perry would just be another President in need for On the Job Training and haven't we had enough Presidents like that.

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