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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rep. Michelle Bachmann Stands Strong Against Raising Debt Ceiling: Another reason why she won't be President

Add Rep. Michelle Bachmann who's running for President in case you missed the memo, statement to the clueless list and to the list of reasons why she won't be President of the United States. Every time I hear hear her speak, I question whether she's qualif
ied to serve in the House of Representatives. And I'm not talking about Legal Qualifications here but her judgement. Its a good thing for Minnesota that she's not running for Senate in 2012 but I don't have to make that call which is good for me. Because if she did run for Senate next year, she would probably get the Republican Nomination for Senate and there are enough ignorant people in Minnesota unfortunately. That she would run a strong race in Minnesota as far a getting support. Rep. Bachmann also represents another reason why US Reps. don't generally do very well when running for President and rarely even get much attention and support. Because most of the 435 Representatives, except for some Committee Leaders and Members of Leadership, have never even ran Statewide let alone been Elected Statewide. Let alone run for National Office, they are accustomed to running in a very partisan House Districts. And not accustomed to speaking to a broader audience that Senators, Governors, Presidents and Vice Presidents have to do in order to get elected and reelected. One of the reasons why Reps. get reelected overwhelmingly and why there are so few competitive House Races. Because they are accustomed to be speaking to people that they basically know will vote for them, instead of speaking to independents who don't know who'll they vote for and in a lot of cases don't make that decision until Election Day. Also Reps. generally lack executive and Foreign Policy experience two things that Presidents tend to have before they become President. So what you have with Michelle Bachmann is someone who consistently speaks about issues she doesn't understand and doesn't have much experience dealing with. Which unfortunately can be said about a lot of the 435 Representatives in Congress.

As far as the Debt Ceiling issue goes, everyone in the Debt Ceiling negotiations all of the democrats and republicans. Understands that America can't afford to default on our debt, one of the reasons is because of the size of it 14T$ over 90% of our GDP. Our weak economy simply can't afford it right now, we can't afford a worthless dollar. Even House Leader Eric Cantor who's said some strange things recently understands this. Which is just one reason why Rep. Bachmann is not part of these negotiations, is just a matter of how we do it. A clean Debt Ceiling without Budget Cuts and Tax Hikes. A strict Debt Ceiling with Budget Cuts or a more broader Debt Ceiling package with both steep Budget Cuts and Tax Hikes on people who can afford it and closing Tax Loopholes. That I'm in favor of.

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