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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Progressivism Does Not Work Anywhere In The World: Actually it does in some ways

To talk about progressivism you have to know what progressivism is in the first place before you can talk about it. Or you won't know what your talking about. The way people talk about progressivism generally is to describe ones ideology, how would you describe your politics. Are you a liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist what are you. If the persons politics are on the left, they might describe them self as a progressive but again progressivism is not an ideology. Progressivism is simply a goal to move things forward to make society better to not stand still and settle for the Status Quo. A progressive is someone who believes in progress, thats what progressivism is about. But here is another reason why progressivism is not an ideology. You don't have to be on the left to be a progressive, you can be a conservative and still be a progressive. Which might sound like an oxymoron but its true, Canada in fact a country very familiar with the English Language at least at one time had a Political Party called the Progressive Conservative Party. They were still conservative at least by Canadian Standards but they still believed in progress. Just in achieving it in a different way from liberals and socialists. Ronald Reagan still a hero today of the Classical Conservative Movement and what's left of it. Was also a progressive, he wanted America to be better then it was, which is one of the reasons why he ran for President. Its just that the way he went about it was different from Jimmy Carter. Liberal Democrats like Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama today are all progressives. But they have different approaches to achieving progress then Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower. The reason why some Left Wing politicians in America today call themselves progressive, because in one sense not in a political sense its the opposite of conservative. But also because of how successfully the Right Wing has demonized the word liberal. And also some of these politicians have more socialist leanings then liberal.

The entire World runs on at least a certain amount of progressivism, we all developed and have gotten better for the most part. The World as a whole today has more freedom and prosperity and other things today then it did fifty years ago. If you don't progress, what are the consequences of not getting better, you either stagnate or decline. Something America saw in the late 1970s for example. The whole World needs a certain amount of progressivism in order to get better, we all have areas where we can improve, there's no such thing as a perfect World or a Utopia. But that doesn't mean you don't try to get there, you do the best you can with what you have to make you life as good as possible. The question is how do you accomplish this, liberals, conservatives and libertarians believe the best way to progress is to have as much Individual Freedom as possible. To let people be as successful in life and independent as they possibly can. Liberals also believe that government can help people in need become Self Sufficient, so they can have as much freedom as possible. Conservatives want to see Free Market principles used to help people in need from government. Libertarians generally speaking want government out of the economy as much as possible. Socialists tend to believe the best way to achieve a just progress as they would call it. Is with a very large Welfare State with a lot of Social Insurance programs and High Taxes on everyone really. But especially on the wealthy to take care of the Less Fortunate.

All of these Political Ideology's have a certain amount of progressivism in them, they just all would go about achieving progress in their own ways. Progressivism is not a Political Ideology and never has been but a goal or goals to achieve greater things down the road to make society better for everyone.

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