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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Michael Barone: The State of American Politics

The State of American Politics to me is a Two Party System that within ten years may be no longer. Because both the Two Parties are now essentially made up of Multiple Parties. That in Parliamentary Democracy's would be considered Major Parties but in America they are Minor Third Parties. Because they tend to be more Ideologically United with a clear Political Ideology that brings them together but aren't able to reach out to other people. Because of how pure their ideology is, whether its the Democratic Socialist Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party which is another Socialist Party. And perhaps even the Reform Party but I believe they have more Political Diversity in it then the other Third Parties. But the good news for these Third Parties, is that the Democratic and Republican Parties are no longer united. And they are both made up of at least two different parties in them if not three Political Parties. And both of these parties could break up and splinter off into different parties. Giving the Democratic Socialist Party on the Far Left more members, because of how disappointed the socialists in the Democratic Party are disappointed with democrats. And then on the Far Right if Theocratic and Neoconservatives become more disappointed in the Republican Party, they could break off and form their own Authoritarian Party. The good news for the Libertarian Party, is that both the Democratic and Republican Parties have libertarian leaning factions in them. Classical Liberals in the Democratic Party, who aren't happy with President Obama's position on the War Powers Act, Patriot Act, War on Drugs. And the Classical Conservatives in the Republican Party who aren't comfortable with the Theocratic and Neoconservatives in the Republican Party. Could leave the Republican Party and move to the Libertarian Party. And we could see a Libertarian Party, made up of libertarians, Classical Liberals and Classical Conservatives. Who don't agree on everything but enough to keep the party together. There's already a movement in that direction.

What I would like to see as a Liberal Democrat and an American Voter, is for the socialists to leave the Democratic Party and the authoritarians leave the Republican Party. And then we can have a Political System with two strong parties at the top so to speak. A Liberal Party and a Conservative Party but where everyone across the Political Spectrum are represented and all have legitimate choices. And let the American Voters decide who represents and leads them. Instead of the Special Interests dominating the two Major Parties as they do now. And then everyone is represented with their own party being able to build their own future. Instead of threatening to destroy on of the Major Parties from within. Every time they don't get exactly what they want and then liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, independents and authoritarians would all have a seat at the table. And let the American Voters decide who's the best party in town.

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