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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cuba looks to the future, while marking its past: What Cuba could have in the future

Cuba is a beautiful somewhat small Caribbean Island Nation of around 11M people and even though its been a Communist State for over fifty years now. With an Authoritarian Government and a Socialist Economy but with the passing of President Fedel Castro and his brother Raul now the President, a man who's recognized the need for Progressive Reform. Something the Cuban People both still in Cuba but in America recognize as well. Cuba actually does some things well especially for a Third World Nation, like in education where their kids are educated are educated well. But the problem is, you can have the best education in the World but if their aren't good jobs available for you. Which is largely the case in Cuba with its Centralized Classical Socialist Economy. With the State owning the Means and Production of Society. Even though they've started to reform that in the areas of Small Business, Agriculture and now are establishing Property Rights under President Raul Castro. The best education possible won't get you a good job if you have an economy thats dominated by inefficient State Owned Industry's. Cuba also has a very good State Run Health Care System but they could make it even better by allowing Private Competition to its Health Care System. So the Cuban People could have the Freedom of Choice to decide for themselves where to get their Health Insurance and Health Care. But regulate it properly, perhaps not allow private For Profit Hospitals and Health Clinics and Health Insurers. To give their State Owned Health Care System more incentive to provide the best service as possible. Because now cubans will know that if they don't like the Health Insurance and Health Care from one provider, they can go to another. I believe Cuba will move in the direction of China instead of Russia, start off with Economic Reform meaning privatization and regulation. Hopefully their economy will move more like China then Russia and they are able to cut back on the amount of corruption in the economy. And most of the Economic Resources to going to a Small Percentage of people. And then moving to Social Freedom later in the process. Communism I believe is not popular in Cuba any longer but I believe Socialism is popular in Cuba and hopefully they'll move in the direction of Democratic Socialism instead of Communist Socialism.

Socialism is popular in Cuba and I could see a Socialist, hopefully a Democratic Socialist Party merging in Cuba in the future. If the Cuban Government ever moved in the direction of allowing Opposition Parties. Perhaps the Communist Party will reform into the Socialist Party to stay in power if nothing else. Because socialism is popular in Cuba, I believe the direction that Cuba should head into the future, is to look more like Europe thats filled with Democratic Socialist States. Instead of America thats more of a Liberal Democracy. And hopefully they'll allow for Social Freedom as well. Reforming the Constitution or writing a new one, Bill of Rights those sorta things.

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