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Monday, July 11, 2011

Communism with Yuri Yarmin-Agaev: Chapter 1 of 5: What is Communism

Communism tends to get mixed in or mixed up with socialism and some very Partisan Conservatives have even mixed in or mixed up communism with liberalism. When in actuality communism is a different an fully developed Political Ideology from both socialism and liberalism. Communism is not only a Political Ideology but there are different versions of communism from different countries. There's Chinese Communism which is a mix of authoritarianism on Social Issues, with some capitalism mixed in on Economic Policy. There's Korean Communism in the Communist Republic of Korea better known as North Korea. Thats completely authoritarian with the State completely in charged of the country and society, where I believe the Central Government there keeps its people down intentionally. So the Korean People there don't have too much power in the State's eyes. Like what their brothers and sisters have in South Korea a Democratic Republic. Then there's Cuban Communism in Cuba naturally, the sole remaining Communist Republic in the American Region. But some might be able to make the case that Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez is moving in that direction. With Fidel Castro being a big hero of President Chavez. Cuba is still very communistic and authoritarian by Western Standards. But President Raul Castro has started to loosen up the country, especially with the economy. By privatizing Small Business's and I believe some Cuban Agriculture as well.

Communism is a very statist and authoritarian Political Ideology especially in its classical form like in North Korea. The idea behind it that it puts all its faith into to the Central Government. That if people have freedom, they won't know what to do with it and may become a threat to society. That people generally speaking are stupid except for communists of course and that they need the State to take care of them and make sure they don't have too much power. That the State needs to regulate how people live their own lives, unlike in a Liberal Democracy. Where the State regulates how people interact with each other to prevent people from hurting each other but not themselves. That people can't have too much Economic Freedom and Social Freedom and know what's going on in the outside World, because they won't understand it and won't know what to do with the power and information. I wouldn't even describe communism as a Collectivist Ideology like socialism but just purely a Statist Ideology. Where communists believe that all the power should be in the State to prevent people from becoming too powerful and a threat to the State. Unlike socialism where socialists believe that the people should move together and not have too much more then anyone else.

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