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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Senator Thune Says Tax Increases Are Off The Table On FOX: The GOP needs to get real

When it comes to Tax Policy and Deficit Reduction and trying to gage where the Congressional GOP is, it depends on who you talk to. Sen. Tom Coburn admitted last week on MSNBC the Last Word, that Tax Hikes are on the table in Deficit Reduction. And said thats the only way they'll be able to reach an agreement with the Democratic Senate and the White House on a Deficit Reduction package. Sen. John Thune who's a lot less pragmatic and I believe realistic, said on FNC Special Report that Tax Hikes are off the table with both the Senate GOP and House GOP. Both Sen. Coburn and Sen. Thune are two of the most Fiscally Conservative Members of Congress. But already disagree on what the final Deficit Reduction package that Vice President Biden and Congressional Republicans and Democrats are negotiating right now. Lamar Alexander Chairman of the Republican Caucus in the Senate and 3rd Ranking Leader in the Senate GOP. Said on C-Span Newsmakers he's open to negotiating Tax Hikes in a Deficit Reduction package. Because of the political realities, Republican House, Democratic Senate and a Democratic White House. Thirty four Senate Republicans out of forty seven, voted last week to repeal Farm Subsidy's, that republicans view as a Tax Hike. I don't know this as a fact but I believe Speaker Boehner understands this as well, he's more of a legislature then a partisan and wants a Deficit Reduction package on his resume as Speaker of the House. But I believe he's holding out on Tax Hikes as long as possible, to secure the most Budget Cuts possible in a Debt Ceiling bill and the final Deficit Reduction package. Plus at the end of the day, he's going to have to be able to sell any Deficit Reduction Final Agreement with the Senate and White House. That will have Tax Hikes in it to his own caucus, especially the Tea Party. And wants to put that battle off as long as possible.

Senate Democrats and the White House have already put Budget Cuts on the table, they understand that we have to do that and that Congressional Republicans would never go along with a 2T$ Tax Increase to pay off the Budget Deficit. I would like to see Tax Hikes on High Earners to go for Deficit Reduction. And start closing bases oversees in Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves. As well as reform Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and are other Social Insurance programs. Reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for the people who really need them and get them off the Federal Budget and make them independent and Self Sufficient. And reform our other Social Insurance programs and design them in a way to move those people off of them and into Self Sufficiency. So they are no longer collecting from them. Which would save billions of dollars every year. And reform our Disaster Relief so we are no longer borrowing to pay for it but actually paying for our Disaster Relief by fully funding it.

I think all three sides, the White House, Democratic Senate and Republican House already know what the final Deficit Reduction package will look like at the end of the day. But are holding off as long as possible to sell it to their members and base.

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