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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moe Lane: CPAC 2011- Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney

Source: Moe Lane- Maryland GOP Chairman Moe Lane-
Source: Moe Lane: CPAC 2011- Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney :

I think it would be difficult for any person to lead a political party where you are outnumbered at least 2-1. That also has one of the biggest as well as bluest cities in the country in Baltimore as well as two of the largest metropolitan areas in the country as well. And if you put them together, Washington-Baltimore the whole region, you are looking about 10M people. Which would make it the fourth largest area in the country that has two MLB baseball franchises and two NFL football franchises. And has one team in every other major sports league in the country and with Republicans unable to do well in large areas of the country, especially in cities right now, it's no secret why the Maryland GOP is barely an opposition party in Maryland right now. Having lost the last two Governor's races by blowouts and representing only about 30% of the entire State Assembly, House and Senate combine, but it doesn't mean it has to be like that.

If you look at both Maryland and Virginia demographically, Virginia where you see Democrats mainly in metro areas like Northern Virginia, Richmond and the Tidewater area and Republicans in rural areas, that's not much different than Maryland. Except that you have instead of Republicans holding most of the seats in rural Maryland, you have Moderate-Conservative Democrats who hold those seats instead. Democrats who vote with Republicans on social issues and vote with Republicans on some economic issues as well. But when it comes to things like taxes, they tend to vote more Republican as well and are very supportive of tax cuts whether they come from Republicans or Democrats. Maryland might be the most bluest state in the union. One of the things I love about it as a Maryland Democrat, but we are not like a Socialist Republic you see in Vermont or something. More of a classical liberal state, a JFK Democratic state, believers in things like economic freedom as well.

My whole point about this is because the Maryland GOP is so weak as an opposition party, they are underrepresented in this state and haven't done a very good job of appealing to rural Marylanders and bringing these people into the party. They could probably have 5-10 more seats in the State Senate and perhaps twenty more in the State House, if they just did a better job of appealing to rural areas with Religious Conservatives there and appealing to urban Marylanders in the three big counties of Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George's, with economic Conservatives. But people who are more moderate-liberal, or even libertarian on social issues. People like Connie Morella, Bob Erlich and Mike Steele and even appeal to Latino and African Americans who live in these areas. Who like the message of economic freedom.

And Alex Mooney who probably only has the job as Leader of the Maryland GOP, because he lost his reelection bid in the State Senate back in 2010. Hasn't done a very good job of getting that message across. And seems to have more of the mindset, "of look we are in an overwhelming Democratic state, lets just try to win where we can, rather than trying to expand the party." Which doesn't work in a state that's becoming more blue, younger and more minority everyday.