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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Info Wars: Gary Johnson: "Both Candidates will Give You A Greater Police State": The Weakness's of President Obama

Its not the economy that I fault President Obama, even though he could've done a better job with the. American Recovery Act and blogged that three years ago and he should've pushed the American Jobs Act in 2010, had another opportunity to strengthen the economy then, that could've solved a lot. Of our economic problems that we have today, relating to Economic Growth, which is the main reason for the lack of Job Growth, President Obama inherited an awful situation with an economy headed. Towards depression and the Recovery Act helped put the breaks on that and buy the economy time to recover, I sorta give the President a pass on that but he could've done things better. Foreign Policy, especially considering that Barack Obama is a first term President with no prior executive experience. At least in government, we are getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama Bin Laden is dead, Al Quadea is weaker, Moamarr Quadaffi is dead, Libya is headed towards Democracy. A lot of good things have happened in the World since Barack Obama has become President and he's played a role in those things.

My issues with President Obama have to do with Civil Liberties and Social Freedom broadly. Its real hard to tell the difference between President Obama and President Bush, as well as other Neoconservatives. When it comes to the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and the War on Drugs, President Obama has been worst then President Bush when it comes to the War on Drugs, especially. As it relates to marijuana, arresting adults for possessing or using marijuana and sending them for prison for that and people wonder why we have 2M people in prison, the largest prison population. In the World, it shouldn't be any wonder to anyone why we have so many people in prison, a country thats suppose to be a Liberal Democracy, prisons are for people who hurt. Innocent people, not for people who possess or smoke pot or what they do to themselves, so if President Obama was stronger when it came to Individual Freedom, he might be a great President right now.

FOX News: Election Headquarters: Maryland US House Candidate Accused of Voter Fraud

House Democrats can now forget about winning this election

Weekly Standard: Bill Kristol: President Obama's U.N. Address

President Obama's U.N. Address

I prefer the Obama approach over Indefinite War, meaning we stay in the fight no matter what at any cost. Where we might win the war officially but lose it by paying a heavy price with our blood and treasure, 3T$ for Afghanistan and Iraq, all on the National Debt Card, because President Bush. Didn't have the Leadership to tell Americans that wars come with heavy cost, blood, sweat, tears and cash and not all wars are winnable.

Washington Times: Governor Jeb Bush: Schools' Expectations Should be Colorblind

BUSH: Schools' expectations should be colorblind - Washington Times

Governor Bush is correct, we shouldn't judge whether students will be successful or not, based on their race. But judge them as individuals, based on what they are capable of learning and the best way to teach them as individuals.

National Journal: Obama Administration Warns Hospitals on Fraud

Obama Administration Warns Hospitals on Fraud - NationalJournal.com

Healthcare Fraud is a big waste in our system