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Friday, September 14, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: House Leader Eric Cantor: Address To Value Voters Summit 2012: Appealing to Big Government Republicans

This is the second time this week that I'm writing a blog featuring House Leader Eric Cantor, actually second straight day. And hopefully the last time this year or with him as Leader of the House of Representatives, he's says a lot of strange things that aren't worth repeating, which is why I generally. Don't respond to what he says, he's essentially the Leader of the Tea Party Republicans, perhaps not officially but thats who his base is in the House is. But one thing thats important that he did today, was give a speech to what's called the Value Voters Summit, a group of Religious Conservative Republicans. To put it simply people who believe Americans have too much freedom and that it needs to be restricted to protect our National Security and Morality, I don't call. Them Social Conservatives because they simply aren't, they don't believe in conserving Social Freedom, if anything they believe we have too much of it, what they really are is Religious Conservatives. Who look at politics based on their version of what the Bible is, rather then looking at politics based on the US Constitution, which how Conservatives tend to look at politics.

The reason why the Value Voters Summit is important, is because Mitt Romney and the House GOP needs these. Voters to turnout, work and vote for Republicans in the next couple of months, or Mitt won't win and the House GOP Majority won't be reelected and for this to happen, Republicans. Have to give these people reasons to vote Republican and not just Bible Belt Republicans but Republicans who are going to be in tough races, like in the Midwest and big cities in the Southeast. Where voters are more diverse politically and these people have to feel that Republicans are on their side and look at the World the same way. The problem with this strategy, is these voters who still represent a large percentage of the Republican Party. Are a fairly small minority compared with the rest of the country and Religious Conservatives won't decide. The 2012 General Elections, Independents will decide a lot of these races, who tend to be more Moderate-Liberal on Social Issues and not Statist.

The more that Republicans try to appeal to Religious Conservatives in 2012, the more that they turn off Independents. And Mitt Romney simply has to win a majority of Independents, the main reason why he won the GOP Presidential Nomination but the other problem that the GOP has, is they. Can't win the General Elections without Religious Conservatives, so the challenge for the GOP is to appeal to both without offending either and I don't think they'll be able to do that. Which is one reason why President Obama will be reelected and why I believe the House GOP is favored to retain the House but that the House will be in play in November.

National Journal: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: Blasts President Obama in First Major Social-Issues Speech

Ryan Blasts Obama in First Major Social-Issues Speech - NationalJournal.com

Paul Ryan making an appeal to Big Government Republicans which could backfire and turn off Independents for the Romey/Ryan Ticket

Commentary: Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s War on Individual Freedom

Bloomberg’s War on Individual Freedom: pToday New York City’s Board of Health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and sugary drinks in many establishments. It is, as the New York Times pointed out, the first such law enacted in the country. The intent of this initiative pursued by Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to combat the epidemic of [...]/p

This is the second time in 2012 and perhaps ever that I've agree with a column from Commentary Magazine. Which generally looks more Neoconservative to me but they are right here,  Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a Big Government Progressive trying to protect New Yorkers from themselves. And in this case trying to stop them from drinking soft drinks.

Washington Times: Opinion: COLEMAN: Voter ID Laws Preserve Democracy

COLEMAN: Voter ID laws preserve democracy - Washington Times

Voter ID Law prevent Democrats from voting and are anti Democratic and represent just one thing thats wrong with todays Statist GOP